Zweigelt Selektion 2014


Origin and Terrain

The grapes used for this red wine are harvested from the vineyards around the ‘Göttweiger Berg‘ in the southern region of the Krems valley. The vineyards grow on mainly warm gravel ground covered by a layer of hearty clay. The warm Pannonian climate from the East is creating a micro-climate very unique to the Danube valley. The combination of the well suited ground along with the unique climate of the Danube valley is the foundation for the well balanced ripening of this grape.

Wine Making

For this particular red wine the grapes were harvested by the middle of October. In the cellar the grapes are destemed and introduced to a classic must fermentation. After several days the fermenting wine was pressed out and stored in small oak barrels. After completing 12 months of malolactic fermentation in the oak barrels the wine was carefully bottled.

Wine Description

Ruby and garnet colors in the glass, beautiful scents of cherries and fine spices develop in the nose, nice berry notes on the palate, fruity, trendy and smooth.

alcohol: 13,0 %vol
residual sugar: 2,0 g/l – dry
acidity: 5,4 g/l

Drink and Meal Recommendation

Stored best at 15-17° C
Aging potential: ca. 5 years

This wine is well suited for a BBQ-evening, all hearty meal dishes or spicy pasta.
It is also a fantastic wine to consume on its own by the glass. Great for parties!