Weingut Müller

Our family’s estate is located in the Kremstal area. The vineyards reside in the hills around the
benedictine monastery Stift Göttweig and extend through the Danube valley to the Wachau. Our
philosophy is to produce wine in harmony with nature and to make use of the conditions of each
individual vineyard. Considering these important factors we give the grapes the highest chance to
mature so they are the perfect foundation for excellent white and red wines. Wine making is not
something we do only for a living, rather it is an expression of our desire to perfect one of nature’s
finest fruits.

Origin and Terrain

The grapes are from our carefully cultivated vineyards situated  in the south of the Krems valley.
The heavy soil of this vineyards is perfect at capturing the sun during the day and keeping the vine
warm into the late evening hours after sunset. The micro-climate, created by the Danube along
with the cool winds coming in from the ‘Dunkelsteiner’ forest, gives this grape its unique flavour
and aroma that cannot be found anywhere else.

Wine Making

The grapes for this particular wine were harvested by the middle of October to ensure that all grapes reached
full maturity. With minimal exposure to oxygen, the grapes were rushed from the slopes to the winepress
where they were carefully destemmed and pressed. The fermentation was completed in temperature controlled
steel barrels. After the fermentation the wine was separated and given the chance to develop its characteristic
aroma before being carefully bottled.

Wine Description

Light green-yellow in the glass, opens up in the nose with a wide range of different fruit aromas including grapefruit
but also tones of garden herbs and excellent minerals. The palate is spoiled by a beautiful distinction and finesse,
delicate nuances of apples and pears in the finish.

alcohol: 12,5 %vol
residual sugar: 1,6 g/l – dry
acidity: 7,0 g/l

Drink and Meal Recommendation

Stored best at 8 bis 10° C
Aging potential: 3 to 5 years

A perfect companion to any hearty meat dish like ‘Wiener Schnitzel’ (breaded veal) or any stew.
Also, as a party wine consumed by the glass this wine will not disappoint.