Neuburger Ried Kremser Kogl Reserve 2018

Origin and Terroir

The grapes grow in the single vineyard ‘Kremser Kogl’ which is situated in the south of the Kremstal. The small terraces are characterized by chalky conglomerate and loess. The micro-climate, created by the Danube along with the cool winds coming in from the ‘Dunkelsteiner’ forest, gives our Neuburger its unique flavor and aroma that cannot be found elsewhere.


After a careful selection, only the best grapes were harvested for our Neuburger. After a short maceration time, the fully ripened, flavor intense grapes were gently processed. The steel tank fermentation was completed in a temperature-controlled environment. By the middle of January the wine was racked to 500 l oak casks were it was allowed to mature on the fine lees. During this time the wine had the chance to develop its characteristic aroma before being bottled.

Wine description

Strong yellow green in the glass, bloomy scent in the nose; walnut and ripe fruit aromas on the palate, very creamy with an extraordinary long finish. A wine with great aging potential!

alcohol: 13,5 %vol
residual sugar: 1,2 g/l – dry
acidity: 5,0 g/l

Drink and Meal Recommendation

Stored best at 10° C
Aging potential: 15 – 20 years

This powerful Neuburger is a great accompaniment to hearty dishes. It also goes well with any kind of cheese. Even without food pairing this wine is the perfect companion for a special occasion!


Picture of the bottle

Wine description