Kremstal | Göttweiger Berg

The majority of our vineyards are situated in the southern Kremstal around the Göttweiger Berg.

The Kremstal located in the south of the danube offers a hilly landscape with perfect climatic conditions for viticulture. The Danube river with its flow offers a good air circulation. The Pannonian climate from the east meets the cooler, continental-influenced climate of the upper Waldviertel – during the day the region warms up quickly and in the evening the cool air flows in again. The big temperature difference between day and night has a very important impact on the development of aromas and leads to fruity white & red wines.

The southern Kremstal is divided into two areas for us:

Göttweiger Berg

With its mixture of deep loess and chalky weathered rock, the Großlage Göttweiger Berg offers ideal conditions for fruity, variety-typical wines.


The vineyards in the southern part of the city of Krems are characterized by conglomerate with a solid layer of loess and in some places one also finds primary rock – perfect for fine spicy Grüner Veltliner and mineral Rieslings.

Our Kremstal wines show territory character:

Kremstal DAC

Grüner Veltliner and Riesling are the leading varieties of the Kremstal and are marketed as Kremstal DAC wines, which are particularly typical quality wines of the region.