Müller family

The winery is located in the southern part of the Kremstal wine region in the picturesque village of Krustetten. The estate was first mentioned in the archive of nearby Göttweig Abbey as early as 1270 a.d. as a Lesehof which translated means “wine press house” and has been run as a family business by the Müller family since 1936.

Viticulture has a long tradition in the area around the “Göttweiger Berg”. Since 1936 the Müller family estate in Krustetten in the southern Kremstal is run as a family winery, whereby the tradition of winemaking if the house dates back to 1270. Currently, the 3rd and 4th generation run the winery together, following the principle: “The secret of our quality is rooted in the vineyards.”

Weingut Mueller Familienfoto

Gertrude, Leopold sen., Verena, Josefina, Stefan, Laurenz, Fernanda, Martha, Leopold, Martin, Diana, Therese

The vineyards are located around the Göttweiger Berg in the southern Kremstal and extend up the Danube River to the Wachau. The entire family is involved in the business, all have clearly defined responsibilities work together. Special attention is given to the careful cultivation of the vineyards, to bring out the best of each site and to gently bottle as much of the naturally grown goodness of our wines as possible.

Stefan takes care of the vineyards with much passion, whereby he is already actively supported by his nephew Laurenz. Leopold is responsible for vinification, here his son Martin takes already over a lot of responsibilities from grape receiving, to processing, bottling and quality management. Furthermore, Leopold and Martin are the salespeople and are always out with customers to spread Müller wine all over Austria.

Martha manages the numbers and runs the entire office; she is the finance minister at the winery, so to speak, and has an overview of everything. In the office she often gets assistance from her youngest Therese, who helps out everywhere from folding letters to social media support. Martha and Therese are also responsible for the 6 winery goats. Diana, Leopold’s and Martha’s eldest, has already taken over the export business in its entirety and is on the road a lot at trade fairs and with international partners. But she also supports Leopold and Martin in sales in Austria and during the harvest in the cellar.

Verena, Stefan’s wife, is responsible for the physical welfare of the entire family and team. Every day she prepares lunch for the family and the 30-member team. Twice a month she bakes fresh farmhouse bread for the farm sale. Furthermore, she is responsible for all homemade delicacies at the “Heurigen” (wine tavern) and takes care of the two youngest family members, Fernanda & Josefina. As a qualified nurse, she is also the ideal first aider at the winery and takes care of all minor and major injuries.

Gertrude and Leopold senior support where they can and are always ready to help. The circle closes with a great team at the winery that actively supports the family!