Wachau | Tassilo

Our Wachau wines come from single vineyard sites first mentioned over a thousand years ago, founded by Bavarian Duke Tassilo III.

Since many years we also cultivate vineyards in the Wachau and offer them under the wine label “Tassilo”. The Wachau vineyards are located at the eastern end of the Wachau south of the Danube, around the wine town of Mautern.



The vineyards are property of Kremsmünster Abbey, which was founded in 777 AD by Bavarian Duke Tassilo III. Since 893 AD it has been cultivating vines in the Wachau region. At that time, the vineyards were carefully planted, and continue to impress with their particularly excellent soil and ideal climatic conditions. Especially the barren primary rock soils of the thousand-year-old vineyards Süßenberg, Alte Point and Leukuschberg give the wines a characteristic minerality and complexity.

The most precious piece of the monastery’s art collection, the Tassilo goblet, was incorporated into the label as a sign of our Wachau wines.


Wachau DAC

Our Wachau wines are all marketed as DAC wines with special region characteristics – Grüner Veltliner, Riesling and Pinot Noir.