Our family cultivates vines in this area in the third generation since 1936. But the wine tradition of our house “Krustetten no. 12″ can be traced in the archives of the Göttweig abbey. Today in our house are working grandparents, parents and children together under the same roof. Leopold is responsible for the cellar work, the processes that turn grapes into finished wines. His special attention is giving to his favourite grape Grüner Veltliner. The constant quest for quality of Leopold was the recipe for success over recent years as seventeen Müller wines were selected for the ‘Salon Österreichischer Wein’ (Salon of Autrian Wine – very distinct list of the best wines in Austria).  Furthermore, Müller wines have been awareded with Decanter gold, IWC and Mundus Vini. Stefan is responsible for their carefully layed out vineyards in the best regions along the Krems valley. He is cultivating the 90 ha of vineyards with dedication and expertise. The climatic impact of the Danube and the hearty clay soil over warm gravel are creating the foundatation for the optimal conditions to cultivate the vines that bring forth such flavourful varity in the grapes. Not only is Stefan responsible for the vineyards but he is also running the own vine nursery and the family’s ‘Heurigen’ where he spoils his guests with regional specialities that are complemented by their award-winning wines.    



Leopold is responsible for wine making and sales management.


Stefan is resonsible for the vineyards around the Goettweiger Berg. It is his passion to manage vines!


Martha is managing the office and the at cellar door sale. Her leisure time is dominated by the four children Diana, Martin, Laurenz and Therese.


Diana graduated from the Federal College for Viticulture and Pomology in Klosterneuburg and is now an active member of the Weingut Müller team.


Martin is the creative head of the family and is now attending the Federal College for Viticulture and Pomology in Klosterneuburg.


Laurenz is a very indigenous boy. He loves driving tractor with his father in the vineyards.


Therese is the youngest of the four Müller sibblings. She is the sunshine and the whirlwind of the winery!


Verena is a nurse in a hospital, but in her leisure time she helps out were she can and she loves to decorate the winery. Now she is in her parental leave at home.


Fernanda is the daughter of Verena and Stefan. She is now the youngest member of the family!

Leopold sen.

Leopold is retired, but he is still helping everywhere he can.


Gertrude is very hospitable and spoil the whole family and all guests with her delicious meals.